HF Bar Ranch


At the HF Bar Ranch, the air is fresh and our climate consists of warm days and cooler evenings, especially in June and late August. Be sure to pack your swimming suit so you can take a dip in our heated pool. Bringing a rain jacket is a very good idea to keep you dry during the occasional afternoon showers. The sun is intense! Pack a hat and sun block to protect you as our altitude is 5,280 feet. Remember sunblock for everyone!!!

Be sure to bring jeans and non-lugged boots (in other words, NOT hiking boots) for riding. The Ranch maintains a “Boot Bin” with cowboy boots of many sizes if you prefer to borrow them from us while you are here. We do suggest that you wear long socks and boots tall enough so that your calves are not irritated  when rubbing against the saddle.

In addition, a camera is a must to capture all your memories from the Ranch. It is a

idea if you plan to do any hiking, to bring proper footwear and a day pack. For any items that you have forgotten or would rather not pack we have a well-stocked Ranch Store. If you can’t find what you are looking for there, we would be happy to try to get it for you in town. The store is stocked full of HF Bar apparel as well as cold beverages, candy, chips, ice cream, cowboy hats and more. Tuck in a few shirts, flip flops, shorts, and maybe a skirt for the Thursday night dance!

For kids and teens, life is laid back and simple — shorts, bathing suits, t-shirts, a sweatshirt, socks and flip-flops or sneakers. Riding boots are MANDATORY for all ages. REMEMBER, ABSOLUTELY NO LUGGED SOLES ARE ALLOWED FOR RIDING. It is too easy to catch a foot in a stirrup which could cause you to be dragged. Nobody wants that to happen!

Our summer weather is very comfortable with most days being in the 80s-90s and most evenings getting quite cool. We have an array of sweatshirts, ponchos, tee-shirts and trinkets in the Ranch store. There is something for everyone…both fun stuff and necessary sundries that you might need.

We have several fine craft artisans who come to the ranch on a weekly basis offering exquisite, one-of-a-kind silver and gold jewelry, woven rugs, leather goods and artwork. Any items purchased can be easily shipped through our Ranch Trading Post and Office.