HF Bar Ranch

Outdoor Activities

Other Freedoms to Enjoy

Join us at the HF Bar Ranch in the rugged beauty of Wyoming’s Bighorn Mountains to find renewal, burn some serious calories, center yourself, and enjoy the fresh air and western lifestyle of one of the oldest Wyoming guest ranches. Our Wyoming guest Ranch offers fitness opportunities in addition to our regular activities. Besides the typical vacation at the HF Bar Ranch, your stay can include a variety of exercise opportunities, healthy low-fat meals, trail riding, hikes, massages, and quiet free time all in our relaxed, rustic setting. We are confident that you will return to your home from the Ranch feeling renewed and refreshed, and ready to conquer any job, family or personal fitness plan.

The Ranch is filled with excellent trails that will take you on a fast- paced track or up

breath-taking summits. Hikes vary in length and intensity from full day expeditions to brief treks. All our trails lead to places of unmatched beauty while immersing you in the natural, wild terrain of Wyoming. Spot a bald eagle, find a fossil, or pick a bunch of blue lupine to bring back to your cabin. We have a daily planned hike, but there are lots of people who have been scrambling through these hills for years who will, happily, lead a group. Hike with Margi…known for always taking the least traveled route, coming home late, exhausted, and having explored some of the real out of the way country.
Pick up the pace and push your personal best on our winding trails. We’ll run hills, jog across level mesas and maybe splash through a creek or two! High impact bounding builds bone density and strong muscles. Lots of the college kids who are on our staff are happy to lead an in-shape, fun group!

Massages can be scheduled at your convenience. There is

sign up sheet in the Office, first come first served, and massages are given several days a week. Our massage therapists are certified and experienced in many different forms of healing including Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, hot stone therapy and ionic foot cleansing. We have a private massage room, “The Penthouse”, sitting  high above the banks of Rock Creek behind the Ranch House, in a quiet area far from the sounds of the Ranch, to aid in your relaxation. Massages and ionic foot baths can be arranged for in your cabin if you have more than two people and prior arrangements are made through the Ranch Office.


The HF Bar Ranch pool is open and heated for the 2022 season. There is not a lifeguard present. The HF Bar pool is not a diving pool.

We offer a wide variety of films, by request, for your evening relaxation and enjoyment. These are shown in the Ranch House or on the big screen on the Ranch House Porch. Cuddle up in a big quilt outside to watch a bigger-than-life “Harry Potter” “Into the Wild” or “The Man From Snowy River”.

Every Saturday night is our Horse Holiday. The Corral is closed and the  wranglers AND the horses have a well-deserved night off.  After dinner, hop on board the hay wagon and we’ll take you for a ride over hills and through pastures to end your day around a cozy campfire. With the Bighorn Mountains surrounding you, there is no better way to end the day!  We bring coffee, lemonade or hot chocolate, along with fixings for S’mores — eat as many as you dare! Many people also bring along their bottles of wine.
Each Wednesday, there is a lunch cookout around the pool for everyone. We get out the Slip
‘n Slide, and pool
toys, and the kids play while the grownups have a leisurely outdoor lunch. Immediately following is our weekly tie dying, where everyone joins in to make a colorful shirt or bandanna to wear.  The Saturday evening cookout offers the same healthy options as an indoor dinner, with the added pleasure of a cook-fire and picnic tables. We have got the best barbecued ribs and chicken this side of anywhere!  Add a little fresh berry shortcake and you are in heaven! Of course, there’s a cocktail hour in the Rock Creek Anglers Fly Shop and we’ll make sure your wine bottle comes along to the barbecue.