HF Bar Ranch

Come Spend The Summer With Us!

​​Anyone applying for jobs for the 2023 Season please complete the following:

​1. Fill out the application (link below). 
2. Send a simple letter stating why you would like to work on the Ranch and what you would         bring to our Ranch Team. It does not have to be fancy, just informative. 
3. Please also consider sending in a photo of yourself, as we like to put a face to the name! 
4. Email the app form, letter and photo (optional) to ATT: Truitt Smith at:


Your application MUST be written by you! If you do not hear back from us within a week please send a follow-up email. We have a lot of applications and do not want anyone to slip through the cracks. Our Management Team reviews all applicants throughout the year and final decisions will be made during the months of  February and early-March.  If your application is not complete, WITH EXACT DATES, you will not be considered. If you worked here during the 2020 or previous seasons, you must resubmit an application. Thank you!

Click Here for Application

Employment Qualifications: 
Applicants must be 18 years of age.
A ‘can-do’ attitude is expected of all employees. 
We are an Equal Opportunity Employer and encourage both men and women work  

as employees in all of our departments.

Employment Timing: 
We encourage our employees to arrive between May 20th and June 7th. Any applicant who cannot arrive until after June 7th will be considered after all other applications have been reviewed. We are asking that departure dates be not before August 30th at the earliest. Preference will be given to anyone who can work through August. We hire a select crew through September 15, so please let us know the latest date you are available. 

General Employment Information:
All employees are expected to work 6 days per week, with an assigned day off. Along with your pay, the Ranch provides housing, food, wireless internet, and coin-operated laundry services.

Job Descriptions:
 Flexibility is key to all employee success at the HF Bar Ranch, and you may be asked to do any job or chore by Management. It's worked as a successful way of keeping the Ranch flowing for years! So, please be ready to help in any area needed! 

While working in our Kitchen does not require previous experience , it is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED. The kitchen is the main hub of our Ranch. We put out approximately 400 meals daily. Positions in our Kitchen that are available include: Chef, Sous chef, baker, salad chef, sandwich/picnic prep, breakfast cook, and staff cook. Depending on your level of experience, our Management Staff, along with our Head of Culinary/Beverage, will place you into appropriate position upon employment. Kitchen Staff will be required to abide by all State and Federal laws in regards to sanitation and safety within the kitchen, as well as general Kitchen duties, including: daily cleaning of each station, unloading weekly food trucks, and general overseeing of our staff eating area. Kitchen hours vary depending on position, starting anywhere from 5:30 a.m., and ending around 9:00 p.m. 

A Hasher’s primary responsibility is to serve our guests in our Dining Room. This includes greeting guests as they arrive in the Dining Room, serving three meals daily, a rotating breakfast dish schedule, cleaning of the dining area and general Ranch House area before and after each meal, and serving our guests in our newly constructed Outdoor Dining Pavilion. Hashers begin work at approximately 6:30 a.m., and work through until 9:00 p.m., generally with a small break between lunch and dinner services.

The responsibilities include lawn care, delivering ice and wood to all cabins, driving guests to and from the airport as well into town, trash/recycling management and various grounds work. Also, you will be a part of the rotating lunch and dinner dishwashing schedule. Drivers must be 21 year of age and have no driving violations on their record. 

You will be responsible for working bartending shifts, beginning mid afternoon and often late into the night. You will work in coordination with other bartenders and should be prepared to work in other areas of the Ranch, as needed. Other responsibilities will include ordering alcohol, managing inventory, cleaning the bar and ensuring that all systems and protocol are followed. You must be 21 or older for this position. Also, you will be a part of the rotating lunch and dinner dishwashing schedule.

The responsibilities include making sure all occupied cabins are swept every day, floor rugs are shaken out and vacuumed, bathroom(s) cleaned, bathroom supplies restocked, tea and coffee restocked, cleaning all glasses and mugs, dusting furniture, keeping furniture in an orderly fashion, emptying trashcans, overseeing all of the Ranch recycling, disposing ashes in all cabins, disposing of garbage and recycling, and you will be working with a partner. Also, you will be a part of the rotating lunch and dinner dishwashing schedule.

Responsibilities will include general wrangling duties–morning and afternoon wrangling rotations, saddling horses, cleaning the corral and barn, assisting guests with getting on and off their horses, and taking out rides when needed. Rides will include any and all of the following: morning rides, all-day picnics rides, evening rides, and rides to our Barbecue site at night. Experience with horses is a must. Wranglers usually start work at 7:00 a.m., and work until all evening rides are in, around 9:00 p.m., with a break after lunch every day. Also, you will be a part of the rotating lunch and dinner dishwashing schedule.

** If possible, please include a 5-10 min. video that demonstrates you riding. 

All members of our Kid Team are responsible in assisting, organizing, coordinating, and supervising activities for children. You will be responsible for watching younger children in the morning (while families are on rides), coordinating all-age activities for the afternoon and evening. Kid Team activities begin at 9:00 a.m., and continue throughout the day, ending sometime between 8:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. Also, you will be a part of the rotating lunch and dinner dishwashing schedule.

Employees in our store are responsible for stocking all inventory, cleaning the store each morning and evening, helping guest purchase items, and preparing espressos, lattes, smoothies, etc., as requested. Barista experience is not required and retail experience is strongly recommended, but not required. Our store is open daily from 7:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. 

Members of our Office staff will be responsible for checking guests in and out, showing guests to their cabins or the Ranch House as needed, answering telephones, responding to guest requests and inquiries, the general cleanliness of our Office, and other administrative duties.

Our Office is open daily from 7:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. 

Our clay-shooting program is a Ranch favorite amongst our guests, and we are looking for individuals who are incredibly patient, outgoing, organized, self-starters, etc. You will be under the direct supervision of Richard Platt, who has been the head of our Shooting Program for the last 23 years. We offer 5 different time slots daily for our guests to go shooting, and you will be asked to do other tasks around the ranch as needed. Certification is not required, but strongly recommended. Also, you will be a part of the rotating lunch and dinner dishwashing schedule.

The Ranch works in partnership with Rock Creek Anglers, and if you are interested in a position as a fishing guide, please contact them through their website: www.rockcreekanglers.com