HF Bar Ranch

​​​ Frank O. Horton

one of the founders 

HF Bar Ranch…wrote

in 1923...

 "Our life is frittered away by detail. Simplify, simplify.” 

― Henry David Thoreau

So often, life-changing events occur in the silence and majesty of this land known as the HF Bar Ranch…there is time here to think, time to sort things out, time to have fun and laugh a lot. Whether it is the  boundless scenery, the cavvy of 200 horses, re-connecting with old and new friends, the wildlife, the earthy smells and sounds, or the lingering spirits from days gone by...people tell us that they feel a degree of calmness as they drive under the main gate upon arrival. It is an overall sigh of relief that this ranch, that has stepped into the future while preserving its past, is here for them, once again. The essence of what spurs all of us at the HF Bar Ranch is to strive for excellence in our service. We WILL make things happen for you.  If you and your baby need a rocking chair and a "sound machine" for lulling. Done. Your 8-year old son HAS to see a nocturnal raccoon. Found. You want to propose to the woman you love at the top of the Speedway, with a bottle of wine, a horse, and not have a wrangler to help. Accomplished (She said YES!). You're in your 90s, you want to ride a horse again. Done!  You are determined to have your teen make friends. It happened (without your insistence!). People just want to leave their work and everyday lives behind, for a bit,  and come here and relax into a trout stream or mountain vista. All of these things, and more, await you and your family at the HF Bar Ranch!!

As our lives continue to upgrade, move more quickly and change constantly, the HF Bar Ranch is a steady beacon set apart from a very fast-paced world. While we bow to the present and have many of the finest amenities…including WiFi, powered by solar, that arrays throughout the cabins, we still have lots of heart and a "Can-Do" spirit that can make anything happen for your family's pleasure. Oh, and it IS a Ranchsometimes there is a bit of dirt in which kids can play and learn!! The HF Bar Ranch has it for everyone from glorious vistas, fresh and varied menus,  abundant and diverse conversation and activities for every age.   Come and see ustake a step into total relaxation and

we guarantee fun for all!

HF Bar Ranch is operating under a special use permit on the Bighorn National Forest.   
HF Bar Ranch is an equal opportunity provider. 

 Margi Schroth and Family....since 1981

​​​​​​"A vacation doesn't mean just slumping. If you are to get the most out of it, working hard at something entirely different: it means putting into play different sets of muscles and brain cells.  You will find ranch life so real, so interesting, that within a few days you actually live the new life to the utter exclusion of the old and when the time comes to go home, though the return will be with regret, you will find yourself going back with an eagerness for the old job and a zest for the old life that could only come as a result of a renewed mental and physical condition brought about by a refreshing change.  Years will have dropped from your shoulders like feathers from a molting hen.  And, we know, you will come back here again."