HF Bar Ranch

We have a vibrant and energetic Kid Team that provides entertainment and caregiving for those who are still too young to go out on the trails during the morning and evening riding hours. All you need to do is drop your child off after 9:00 a.m. at the Kid Club House and our Kid Team will take them off on short hikes, do craft projects, visit the Ranch petting animals, make pictures out of clouds, and dress-up. 

We have beading for youngsters and finer jewelry making for the older set, a family tie dying afternoon, Frisbee golf, boat races and hikes and outings for teens. 

​We try to center much of their activities around nature so that kids understand that bugs and coyotes, mountain lions and elk all have their place in this world and we humans are, simply, members of that same natural world. We teach respect for the land and for all of its critters…and we try to teach kids not to be afraid of nature, but respect its power. It is important to us that they understand that they are all members of Nature’s family!  At the HF Bar, we love playing in the dirt!

We also have an on-staff fly fisherman to help start youngsters off into a lifetime of fly tying and catch-and-release practices. For first time riders, we offer lessons, if requested. “Mosquito Fleet” rides, where just the kids go off for a lunch picnic or a hamburger cookout in the evening, complete with yummy marshmallow, chocolate and graham cracker s’mores happens a couple of times a week.

Most families choose to ride with each other and we are all for that concept!  

For the under 5 crowd, there are morning and evening pony rides lead by our Kid Team.

Teens can be a picky and tricky age group to please. We like to keep things easy going, but never boring. Spur of the moment excursions are always an option…hiking to the swimming hole, playing Frisbee golf, paintballing, fly fishing lessons, or just getting to know new friends. We don’t have to stick to any schedules.  At the Ranch, we think making kids and teens smile and keeping everyone laughing and busy is the absolute key to a successful family vacation.

Kid Team