HF Bar Ranch

Freedom to Roam

Horseback Riding

Novice to Expert

Soon after arrival, our guests look forward to heading up to the Corral and getting matched with a horse and a saddle.  This is the heart of the Ranch. For over 110 years, horseback riders have set the tone of the HF Bar Ranch experience.  A herd of over 200 horses and a staff of competent wranglers ensure a suitable mount for everyone from the beginner to the expert of any age. Generally,  you’ll ride the same horse for your entire stay. Horses, like people, have personalities. We like to match them up.

Lovers of horses and the American West find what they are searching for at the HF Bar Ranch.  In fact, once you experience it, you’ll know why so many return year after year.

Each month of the season directly connects the rider with a phenomenal natural wonder.  In early summer wildflowers carpet the Ranch creating an awe-inspiring sea of color.  In the mornings and evenings of mid-summer, the sun casts an amazing light from a low angle on the horizon; calling the deer and antelope out of hiding to fill the tall grass meadows.  As fall approaches, the elk bugle, and the gold leaves of cottonwood and aspen trees light up the mountain sides and creek bottoms.
You will understand why so many guests return
year after year.

We work with novice riders to build your confidence and improve your skills.  Veterans of the saddle are hard-pressed to push the boundaries of all one can explore by horseback at the HF Bar Ranch.  The land diversity here is quite astounding. There are exciting rides along scenic trails, across prairie hills, over creek crossings, leading up canyons into high meadows and mountain timber.  The rock formations and vistas are breath-taking, and the expanse of the Ranch feels limitless. The fact that the majority of our riding is on private land makes our location extremely unique.  Plus, the bordering Bighorn National Forest further adds to the wealth of our natural environment, and opens up a gateway into some magnificent higher country made for roaming.