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Heading into the HF Bar Ranch

In 1923, Frank O. Horton, one of the founders of the HF Bar Ranch, had this message for his guests:

“A vacation doesn’t mean just slumping. It means, if you are to get the most out of it, working hard at something entirely different: it means putting into play different sets of muscles and new brain cells. You will find ranch life so real, so interesting, that within a few days you actually live the new life to the utter exclusion of the old and when the time comes to go home, though the return will be with regret, you will find yourself going back with an eagerness for the old job and a zest for the old life that could only come as a result of a renewed mental and physical condition brought about by a refreshing change. Years will have dropped from your shoulders like feathers from a molting hen. And you will come back again.”

And, Margi Schroth, whose family now owns the HF Bar Ranch:

I hear it from people, everywhere I go, in any part of the world. People know and remember this place for decades.  There’s something about it….whether it is the magic of the scenery, the wildlife, the earthy smells and sounds, or the lingering spirits from days gone by…..people tell me they feel it as they drive under the main gate upon arrival. The land, the horses, the friends that come back at the same time each year, the vibrant young team of employees…..it all adds up to something that sticks in your mind all year long. There’s just something very special about this place that transcends everywhere else. Life decisions, forever commitments, even business deals seem to melt into easiness here and you go away feeling that all is right with you and the world. There’s just something about this place……

Come for a visit and feel what we’re talking about with your own family. You won’t regret it! Your kids will be free to wander, with your permission, almost anywhere on the Ranch.  Even the Dining Room staff will make sure they get a wholesome meal if they are ordering on their own! You can walk a mile or 5 and not see a soul. The silence, only interrupted by the sound of the creek and the call of the birds or the laughter of other guests, will envelop you and clear your head. Mighty life-changing thoughts have occurred on this ranch…….or, you don’t have to think any further than what’s for dinner or what time the next ride is happening!

This Ranch is a steady beacon in a world that keeps upgrading, moving faster, and changing constantly. The Ranch is always there.