Dear Friends of HF Bar Ranch,

We are looking forward to having you all with us this summer and we want to allay any fears, as best we can, that you might have with regard to COVID-19 aka the Coronavirus regarding your plans to visit the Ranch. Naturally, traveling to get to Wyoming from other parts of the country, particularly by plane, is the biggest dilemma.

To date, there have been few cases in the state Wyoming. Of course, with people traveling into or out of the State, and the testing becoming more available, that could change. Still, according to the CDC (Center of Disease Control), better-than-normal handwashing is considered to be the best preventative measure, IF THERE ARE NO UNDERLYING HEALTH CONDITIONS. Also, encouraging children, teens, and adults to keep their hands extra clean and off of their faces is critical.  
We have, already, put many pre-cautions into place at the Ranch. We have ordered spray bottles of bioavailable colloidal silver spray, which has been considered a better cleanliness alternative to regular commercial hand sanitizer. Spray bottles will be placed in every cabin, bathroom, at the Corral, in the Dining Room, Office, Broken Spear Saloon and other public areas. As usual, wrapped bars of soap are provided throughout the Ranch complex, as well as, automatic soap dispensers. We are all, surely, in this together and we hope to see you very soon in the wide open spaces of Wyoming where social-distancing has been practiced since the

late 1800s simply because of our vast, open spaces!



​​​Over 100 Years in the Saddle

 HF Bar Ranch is operating under a special use permit on the Bighorn National Forest.   
HF Bar Ranch is an equal opportunity provider. 

  Life is simple here at the HF Bar Ranch and we like it that way.  Situated in a pristine valley on nearly 7500 acres bordering Wyoming's Bighorn National Forest, there is a darn good chance that you will find something to do here. From riding the high plains and pure mountain meadows, to casting a fly rod, to hiking the mountain country, to watching your children safely run with abandon, to just reading a book on your cabin porch. Check out more about this grand old Ranch throughout this website or give us a call in the Ranch Office.

HF Bar Ranch

1301 Rock Creek Road

Saddlestring, Wyoming 82840 

Office Phone Number: (307) 684-2487

HF Bar Ranch


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The Ranch has received placement on the National Register of Historic Places along with being named one of the "1,000 Places to See Before You Die."  It has also been widely acclaimed by such notable national publications as the New York Times, Travel & Leisure magazine, Parent's magazine, Town & Country magazine, and the Western Horseman.