•  $30.00 per round per person (one round = 25 shots)
•  $25.00 per box of shotgun shells
•  $25.00 gun rental per person per session

In the fall, we offer limited opportunities to hunt released pheasants, chukars, and wild Hungarian partridges with bird hunting guide, Richard Platt and his loyal hunting lab, Avery.   

These hunts are by reservation only and must be arranged in advance. 

Call Richard Platt at 307-684-2542 to discuss your options and availability.

Scenic and Challenging Courses

Safety Information


Items to bring shooting include:
•   Sturdy footwear (sneakers, walking shoes  or boots)
•   Sunglasses
•   Hat
•   Camera
•   Dress according to weather (i.e. rain gear on partly cloudy days)
•   Do not wear flip flops or tank tops
Eye wear and ear protection (ear muffs) are required and provided at no cost

An introduction for the beginner who wants to learn the basics of sporting clays and gun safety.

Our most popular course, featuring breakable targets and stunning views, is great for

experienced shooters wanting to build up their confidence after last season.
Inspired by a traditional English classic. This five-station field offers incoming and

crossing targets launched from a medium height tower.
These fast moving targets hurled from our highest tower challenge the most seasoned

waterfowlers. These clays require a smooth swing and large leads.
Patience and timing are crucial ingredients for success on these birds which simulate decoying green-heads. A great way to begin your journey through the many challenges offered on our Rosebud courses.
Small windows and lightning fast presentations will test your fundamentals of

instinctive shotgunning. Humbling, yet realistic, representations of darting woodcock

or flushing grouse make this field one of our most difficult.
A mixed bag of report, true, and following pairs from a variety of angles and target sizes

make this course a consistent favorite among enthusiastic shotgunners.

Absolutely no alcohol is permitted before or during shooting.



Certified instruction and all required safety equipment 
is provided at no additional cost.

Our shooting staff is lead by long-time HF Bar staff member Richard Platt.  He has over twenty-five years of experience, and works well with shooters of every skill level.  Additionally, he is a certified National Sporting Clays Association instructor.  When it comes to leading a safe and fun shoot, Richard’s ability is second to none.  Every outing emphasizes gun safety, stance, gun mount, sight picture, focal point, break point, and varying shooting methods.  Richard and his team of instructors will guide you and provide tips to help you break clays consistently wherever you shoot.

Shooting Sports

HF Bar Ranch

Safety Guidelines:

Eye and ear protection is mandatory.

Treat every gun as if it were loaded.

Never point a gun at anyone, or anything you do not intend to shoot.

Always carry guns broken and keep the action open so that everyone can see it is unloaded.

When the gun is loaded, always keep the muzzle pointed down range and away from your feet.

Keep our finger off the trigger until you are ready to shoot.

Safety is everyone’s responsibility.

After shooting a target always break the gun before you move your feet.

Never walk in front of the trap house.

When a spectator, always stand behind the shooter and keep conversation to a minimum to avoid distracting the shooter.